Parkjet Plans

The home of scale looking and flying score and fold parkjet plans!

Most of our plans are free but PLEASE DONATE! We build an average
of three prototypes per plan and...
Depron isn't cheap!
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Score and fold planes do not have to be boring. Score and fold
planes do not have to look rough. The goal here at 
FRCFOAMIES is to create exciting and innovative parkjets
 that look and fly like the real thing while still using the score and fold
building technique.  Our planes look good, fly better and still take one or
two nights to build.  Innovative planes like the Alpha Jet defy physics.
The Aerobatic SU37 that will have you 
looking for a dogfight!
Experimental planes like the X31 
allow you to push your
 flying skills to the MAX.  
Add our patent pending Two Axis
Thrust Vectoring 
Motor Mount, tighten your neck strap and
you just 
might be able to handle it! 
Add it to any rear mount parkjet for a real performance upgrade!
The collection of plans to download keeps growing and 
we are always looking for that next plane that needs 
an injection of awesome performance.

Check back often to see what's new- you won't be disappointed.
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